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Wi-Fi 802.11


RC Crane

RC Drone

Typical Wireless Technologies may include:

  •    Cellular phones and pagers (Connectivity for portable and mobile applications)
  •    Global Positioning System (Cars and trucks, boats and ships, and aircraft)
  •    Two-Way Radios (Communications for Business in Commercial and Military industries)
  •    Wireless CCTV (Remote Audio-Video Monitors with limited range without broadcasting)
  •    Wireless LAN (Computer users’ access to each other and Intra/Internet)
  •    Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) (Europe Digital Mobile Phone Service)
  •    General Packet Radio Service - GPRS (Connection to the Internet for mobile phones)
  •    Enhanced Data GSM Environment - EDGE (Faster version of the GSM wireless service)
  •    Radio Control and Telemetry 


Wi-Fi is a popular technology that allows electronic devices exchanging data or connecting to the internet wirelessly using radio waves. The Wi-Fi Alliance defines Wi-Fi as any "wireless local area network (WLAN) products that are based on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' (IEEE) 802.11 standards" Wi-Fi also enables communications directly from one computer to another without an access point intermediary – Ad-Hoc Wi-Fi transmission.


Bluetooth wireless technology is the trade name for the IEEE 802.15.1 specification. It enables quick and convenient connection between devices in close proximity for data and audio information transfer. Basically, as Bluetooth devices come within range of each other they can automatically create a dynamic Ad-Hoc network that may be joined by other devices as well in simultaneous communication—all safely controlled by security features on each device.

Radio Control & Telemetry

Radio control (often abbreviated to R/C or simply RC) is the use of radio signals to remotely control devices. The term frequently refers the control of models or unmanned robotic vehicles and aircraft from radio transmitting station. Industrial, Military, and Scientific research organizations benefit extensively from implementation of radio control. In Crain RF Control – Multiple Wave reflections and low signal/noise ratio under industrial conditions and EMI/RFI from other equipment require to use a complicated multi-frequency channel receiver and customized antennas. 

Telemetry is the completely automated process of remote measurement of multiple parameters (often simultaneously) and transmitting the obtained data over a multi-channel bi-directional RF communication Link. Telemetry finds the widest application in Healthcare and Military Industries including Cosmology.